and fit to dive

Fit to dive / Recommendations

All recreational divers need to be “Fit to dive”. Every diver will be are required to fill ot a Medical Questionaire to check for any health issues. In case of any yes to the medical questions the divers will be sent to the physician at the Dahab Chamber to be checked.
…It s just around the corner .. don´t worry 😉
All technical divers need to hold an up-to-date (maximum 12 months old), “Fit to dive” statement from a physician and a valid dive insurance. This Fit to dive statement can be done as well here in Dahab just around the corner in the Dahab Chamber.
We recommend you to get checked by a physician before you come out to Dahab, to avoid any disappointment.


All recreational divers are highly recommended to hold a valid dive insurance.
Even if diving and especially with us is very safe, nobody should take a risk!
Dahab has a really good Chamber and Hyperbaric Physicians, but treatments without insurance are very expensive, as everywhere in the world.
We are happy to assist you. There are daily, weekly, 2 weekly, monthly and yearly insurance policies available.
If you enroll in any Technical Diving activity, a dive insurance (covering the max depth of the course / dive) is mandatory.

Insurance Prices

These are the current insurance prices:
* 1 day cover € 5
* 1 week cover € 20
* 2 weeks cover € 35
* 1 month cover € 37
* 1 year cover € 60

Travel Insurance

If you are having problems with Holiday/Dive insurance to Dahab. You CAN get safe cheap insurance for example from a UK based company. Contact