The Dive Sites



Visibility and Temperature

The visibility here in Dahab (especially in the north), can go up to 40 meters in summer and, even in winter it’s never less than around 10 to 15 meters.

The water temperature varies from around 21 C in the winter to around 28 C in the summer.


Entries and Exits

Most dives in and around Dahab are shore diving with an easy access. 🙂

This means we can be flexible with our timing and enjoy a surface interval in one of the Bedouin restaurants by the sea.

Boat Diving Safaris are as well available on request


Life and Topography

The Red Sea is world renowned for its superb diving and is home to some of the best, most exhilarating underwater scenery in the world.
Its corals are richly hued in colour, abounding with hundreds of species of fish from the diver’s favourite clown fish, (Nemo’s runaway brother), to moray eels, manta rays and if you`re really lucky you may even see sharks.

The Red Sea itself is very narrow, with a length of 2350km and width of 350km, joining the Mediterranean with the Indian Ocean. The entrance is at a depth of 134m approaching almost 2000m in the Gulf of Aqaba, where Dahab is situated on the Sinai coastline. As part of this coastline, Dahab offers easy shore diving access to what is virtually solid fringing reef.


Confined Water

Our confined water sessions and introductory dives will be done in the Red Sea just a short car ride away from the dive center at the lighthouse area.

It sa very calm bay, with clear water, no waves or currents and a sandy bottom. It s like a swimming pool, just with colourful fish 🙂

And there are facilities like restaurants, shops and rest rooms available.


The Dive Sites


Ras Abu Gallum (by camel or boat)

3 different dives possible.

This is a boat (supplement) or camel safari (supplement).

An amazing safari experience!

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The Blue Hole & The Bells

Many different dives possible:

Recreational diving: Drift dive from “the “Bells” to the “Blue Hole”, or the “Blue Hole” outside wall to wards the Canyon

Technical Diving: The “Arch” inside the Blue Hole at 54msw, the bottom of the “Blue Hole” at around 100msw

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The Canyon

Many different dives possible:

Recretional diving: The “Canyon” Dive to 30msw – a world famouse one and a drift dive from Rick´s Reef to the Canyon lagoon.

Technical Diving: The full “Canyon” 48msw (low tide), “Neptunes Chair” and  ” Neptune´s Cave” (73msw) …..and the contiuation of the deep Canyon (it s deep)

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The Coral Garden

2 different recreational and 1 technical dive possible.

It s a great area for uw photography!

We use this area for technical diver training too.

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Tiger House

A great recreational dive with a great reef and lots of cracks to look into.

A great technical dive to explore the little canyons at depth

Abu Talher & Abu Helal (Little Canyon)

2 Amazing recreational dives, including 1 drift dife between Abu Talher and Abu Helal

Technical diving: A great dive into the “little (narrow) Canyon

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Shoe stump Reef

2 different dives possible. Entry is through a tiny cavern … nothing deep or scary though

The House Reef

Recreational diving: 2 different dives possible. left & right

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Eel Garden

3 different dives possible:

Recreational diving: The left and the right side of the “Eel Garden” & a Drift dive from Eel Garden to the lighthouse ( 55min – this one needs divers with a good gas consumption, but Wow it s awesome! )

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The Lighthouse & Bannerfish Bay

3 different recreational dives and 1 technical dive possible

We use this area as well as confined water area!

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The Islands

A amazing coral maze with a max depth of 16msw. But most of the time you d be spending at around 8 to 9msw. One of the most beautiful recreational dives we know. There are hundres of different ways to dive this dive site and it s always  a different and stunning dive.

This dive is great for uw photographers and suitable for beginners with good buoyancy.

The South

In the South you can find many different dive sites just within a few minutes car ride.

Dive site: Glassfish Pinnacle, Um Sidd, Golden Blocks, Three Pools

all these dive sites are rather shallow and only for recreational diving.

It s a chilled day out, as there are lots of Bedouin restaurants to chill in between the relaxed and easy dives

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The Caves

1 recreational and 1 technical dive possible

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Gar el Bint (by boat)

Many amazing recreational and technical dives possible.

As it s boat safari (supplement!), there are lots of drift dive options too 🙂

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You can see all the dive site galleries here