Red Sea Technical Diving – Guided Dives

Red Sea Technical Diving at Reef 2000 Dive Club offers Technical Guided Dives till 100msw.  For safety and quality reasons all technical dives are supervised by a qualified member of staff.

Due to the exposed location of Dahab on the Gulf of Aqaba which features spectacular underwater geography it is possible to reach greater depth very close to the shore. Many different reef structures offer the beginner and the experienced Technical Diver a variety of interesting Technical guided dives.

Dahab provides ideal diving conditions all year round. Benefit from our experienced local Technical Guides to get the best and safest view on famous technical dive sites like the “Arch” at the Blue Hole, the bottom of the Blue Hole or the Canyon and the Canyon (Neptune´s) Cave.

In addition to the already mentioned dive sites there are many more suitable for technical guided dives like for example the Little Canyon, C19, Gabr el Bint or Rolfes Reef – just to mention a few.

For the experienced Technical Divers we offer gases, logistics and surface support.

Technical Equipment

Reef 2000 offers custom Nitrox- and Trimix-fills, a wide selection of tanks (7, 10, 12, 15 and 2×12 liter, 2x 15 litre) and in case you do not own technical kit: DiveRite Technical BCDs & APEX oxygen clean regs.

For Re-breather users we offer three sets of 3 liter Inspiration-tanks; due to our little booster pump – 200 bar Oxygen fills and we can provide a stock of Sofnolime.

Laminated and custom-made deco tables are available as well.

for more infomation on Red Sea technical diving contact us through: and visit


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