Dahab Technical Diving

Reef 2000 Dive Club is a CDWS certified (ISO standard) IANTD Technical Instructor Training Facility and we are dedicated to producing knowledgeable, safe and skillful divers following IANTD standards. This is the key for developing competent, confident and relaxed divers, who can fully enjoy the exhilarating experiences of advanced and technical diving.

Reef 2000 owns a booster-pump, offers Nitrox- and Trimix-fills, a wide selection of tanks (7, 10, 12, 15 and 2×12 liter, 2x 15 liter ) and in case you do not own technical kit: DiveRite Technical BCDs, Apex, ScubaPro & Poseidon regulators.

For Buddy Inspiration users we offer three sets of 3 litre Inspiration-tanks (so you can save on excess luggage), high-pressure Oxygen fills and Sofnolime.

We offer technical guided and non-guided, but supervised dives and we are happy to produce and laminate custom-made deco tables for our customers and provide you with any support you might want.

Our IANTD diver and instructor courses are run by our local IANTD Instructor Trainer #664 Florian “Floh” Herzberg and  Adam “Welsh Shark” Andrews (IANTD Advanced Recreational Trimix Instructor & IANTD Hypoxic Trimix Diver OC) . 

Floh`s Qualifications

  • IANTD Normoxic Trimix Instructor Trainer #664
  • IANTD Technical Instructor Trainer
  • IANTD Adv. Rec. Trimix Instructor Trainer
  • IANTD Advanced Nitrox Instructor Trainer
  • IANTD Nitrox Instructor Trainer
  • IANTD Open Water Scuba Instructor Trainer
  • IANTD full Trimix Instructor #3416
  • IANTD Normoxic Trimix Instructor
  • IANTD Technical Instructor

  • IANTD Adv Rec Trimix Instructor
  • IANTD Advanced EANx Instructor
  • IANTD Trimix Blender Instructor
  • IANTD Nitrox Blender Instructor
  • PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer #926479
  • PADI Specialty Instructor rating for: Nitrox, Deep, UW Photography, Equipment, Night
  • TV Cameraman


Floh has been a professional diver since 1997 (still un-bent).  He benefits from more than 15 years experience in Technical Diving.

Floh’s primary objectives are creating safe, competent and knowledgeable Technical Divers & Instructors and to help them get the best out of Dahab s technical dive sites.

On Dahab Technical Diving Courses and Instructor Courses at the Reef 2000 Dive Club we limit the maximum student to instructor ratio to 3:1. – 2:1 on the full Trimix level (100m). This ratio insures high safety standards and high quality training.

Please note: There are no extra costs for the Instructor`s or Instructor Trainer`s gases !

For more infomation on Dahab technical diving contact us through: info@reef2000.com and visit iantd-egypt.com 


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